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The stable Android version of Google Chrome is getting a built-in RSS reader. Users can follow and view RSS feeds through their mobile web browser. The feature will be available later for iOS and desktop versions of Chrome.

that engineering manager van chrome Twitter Reports The RSS feed tracking feature is now built into the stable Android version of Chrome. Users can select websites to follow this feature, and then view RSS feeds from those websites on the new tab page in the Android web browser.

Users can follow websites by clicking on the three ‘dots’ menu and pressing the ‘Follow’ button below that menu. Users can view the feed when they open a new tab. There is an RSS feed next to the For You tab with recommended articles.

The feature is currently enabled by default only for a limited number of users. Chrome users who don’t see the feature yet can enable it via chrome://flags/#web-feed/. This requires Chrome 94 for Android or later. According to Porter Felt Google is currently working on an iOS version of the feature. The desktop version is also planned, but you will have to wait “a little longer”.

Images via Adreinne Porter Felt on Twitter

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