Emma Raducano says she needs to cut herself after defeating Alexandra Sasnovich in Indian Wells

Emma Raducano says she needs to cut herself after defeating Alexandra Sasnovich in Indian Wells

The 18-year-old played her first match since her victory at Flushing Meadows, winning the opening match but then struggling against the world number 100 Sasnovic.

Nou told reporters after her 10-game winning streak ended.

“During the match I didn’t put pressure on myself because in my mind I am very inexperienced. I am 18 years old. I need some slack.

“You can tell she was more experienced than me and went out there and executed her game plan better than she did.”

Sasnovic scored 17 wins and 9 negative fouls, while Radocano scored 31 unforced errors.

Emma Radocano holds her racket bag ready to walk off the court after losing straight sets to Alexandra Sasnovich at Indian Wells.

“I’m really enjoying playing here,” said Sasnovic, who will now face Simona Halep. “Emma just won the US Open and lost there in the first round. So it was a little different.”

Raducanu won the US Open in an extraordinary race in which no group fell.

18 years He then broke up with coach Andrew Richardson, who had accompanied Radocano at the US Open, and coached the Briton on her remarkable journey to the Grand Slam title.
Sasnovich returns Raducanu's shot.  The 27-year-old Belarusian reached the 30th career high in 2018.

Raducano said she is now looking for a more experienced coach and at Indian Wells she has worked with senior women’s national team coach Jeremy Bates.

“Jeremy is part of the women’s tennis in the association, so while he’s here he’s helping me,” Radocano said.

“Going forward, I will wait and try to find the right person.”

Emma Radocano poses in front of the paparazzi as she arrives for the world premiere of the new James Bond film 'James Bond'.  No Time To Die & # 39;  In London, on September 28, 2021.

Raducanu became the first-ever qualifier – a man or a woman – to win a Grand Slam title, having entered the tournament at number 150 in the world.

“I am happy with what happened today so that I can learn and take it as a lesson,” said Radocano. “She’s got more experience than me. She’s been 4-2 hundreds of times behind.

“It’s my third WTA tournament this year. Just don’t be in a hurry and get my head back on the drawing board.”

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