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Tor Browser Bundle Logo (75px) Tor Browser version 11.0.0 has been released. Tor stands for onion routing It is a network that can be used to surf the Internet somewhat anonymously. All users’ tcp traffic is routed through different Tor routers, after which it is virtually impossible for the recipient to know who the original sender was. This information is still inside the Tor network, so the answers, of course also via the system of routers, eventually get to the right place. Version 11 is based on Firefox ESR 91, while version 10 was still Firefox ESR 78. The complete change is over This page to see; These are the release notes:

Tor Browser gets a new look

Earlier this year, the Firefox user interface It underwent a major redesign It aims to simplify the Chrome browser, simplify menus and bring out an entirely new tab design. Firefox ESR 91 introduces the new design of the Tor Browser for the first time.

To ensure it’s consistent with the new experience, every part of the custom user interface in Tor Browser has been updated to match the look and feel of the new Firefox. This includes everything from updating basics like color, typography, and buttons to redrawing each of our icons to match the new subtle icon style.

In addition to the Chrome browser itself, the connection screen, circle screen, security levels, and onion site bugs have all received an upgrade as well — incorporating some small but welcome improvements in quality of life for each.

Final suspension of Onion services v2

We announced it last year v2 onion services will be discontinued in late 2021, and since then Version 10.5 Tor Browser has been busy warning users who visit v2 onion sites of their upcoming retirement. After a long wait, that day finally came. Since the update to Tor v2, Onion services can no longer be accessed in Tor Browser, and users will receive an “Invalid Onion Site Address” error instead.

If you get this error when trying to visit a previously working v2 address, there is nothing wrong with your browser – instead, the problem is with the site itself. If you wish, you can notify the onion site administrator of the problem and encourage them to upgrade to the v3 onion service as soon as possible.

It’s easy to see if you still have any old v2 addresses saved in your bookmarks that need to be removed or updated too: although they both end in .onion, the safer v3 addresses are 56 characters long compared to v2’s modest 16. .

known problems

Tor Browser 11.0 comes with a number of known issues:

  • Bug 40668: DocumentFreezer & File System
  • Bug 40671: Fonts are not displayed
  • bug 40679: Features missing on first launch in esr91 on macOS
  • Bug 40689: Change the HTTP method for the Blockchair search provider
  • Bug 40667: AV1 videos appear as corrupted files in Windows 8.1
  • Bug 40677: Since the update to 11.0a9 some add-ons have become inactive and need to be disabled – re-enabled at every start
  • bug 40666: toggling svg.disable affects NoScript . settings
  • Bug 40690: Chrome browser breaks when private browsing mode is turned off

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