100-year-old grandmother Lenny passed away: “Rest in peace, beautiful, beautiful person!”

Oma Lenie bij De Wereld Draait Door in 2019.
Grandma Lenny at De Wereld Draait Door in 2019.
Grandma Lenny at De Wereld Draait Door in 2019.

SBS’s Lenny passed away at the age of 100. Gordon told us via Instagram. The resident of Etten-Leur was 103 years and three months old.

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Those three months were very important to me. If you ask her how old she is, you will be told not only in years, but also in months. The months that are most important at such an advanced age.

In the TV series 100 Years, presented by Gordon, Lenny stole the hearts of many viewers. Lenny is best known for her gait. I have always called the treadmill “Mercedes”.

“It’s like Grandma’s Gall & Gall!”

We also know Lenny from her typical drinks. A glass of sherry during cooking, then a glass of wine and a little before bedtime, an alcoholic drink mixed with a little gin. Lenny always called her daughter to get a box of beer: “The beer box is so heavy, I can’t carry it on this walker. My grandson always says, ‘It’s like Grandma’s Gall & Gall!'” “

Prior to Lenny’s appearance on the series, she and Gordon were guests on De Wereld Draait Door. During this TV appearance, she actually stole the hearts of everyone in the studio. Not only did it make everyone laugh, but it gave you goosebumps.

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Watch Lenie’s full performance here Okay.

“I will never forget the sense of humor and the drink!”

Gordon wrote under a photo with Lenny that he posted on Instagram: “Dear Lenny died yesterday 103 years and three months. You made an indelible impression in my life and I will never forget her sense of humor and her drink of elixir elixir!

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