Seattle Seahawks don’t ask for Odell Beckham Jr to be excused from waivers

Seattle Seahawks don't ask for Odell Beckham Jr to be excused from waivers

The deadline has passed at 1 PM PT and no team has previously claimed Cleveland Browns Waiver wire Odell Beckham Jr. wide receiver. It also means that no one will get the remaining $7.25 million in his contract.

Mike Florio of NBC Sports reported that Seattle Seahawks It was among the teams keeping an eye on Beckham’s next destination, and Beckham preferred the Seahawks as his next team.

In the development of the plot, Reporter Jordan Schultz said that Beckham looking towards Green Bay Packers, played by the Seahawks on Sunday. All this was contingent upon his freeing of concessions, and now he was clearly an unfettered free agent.

As much as Beckham will sign with another team, veteran NFL reporter Josina Anderson noted that fans across the league should be patient while Odell weighs his options.

So the story is not over here yet. The Seahawks can still get Beckham by signing him to a deal, but by not claiming him, it means they’ll be in competition with others (assuming they’re interested in Beckham at all).

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