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Snapchat introduces an AI chatbot called My AI that is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT chat algorithm. Currently, the feature is only available to paid Snapchat+ plan purchasers, but the AI ​​chatbot should be available to all users at a later date.

While Snapchat uses ChatGPT, the model is According to The Verge They are trained to only provide answers that fall within the social media guidelines. For example, a chatbot will not provide responses that contain profanity, violence, sexually explicit content, or opinions on sensitive topics. Creating homework such as reports and homework is also prohibited in Snapchat’s My AI.

in a blog post The company explains that “all conversations are stored with My AI” and can be studied if necessary, in their own words to improve the product experience. Please do not share secrets with My AI or ask for advice.

“In addition to talking to friends and family, we’ll also be talking to AI every day,” Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel told The Verge. In keeping with this logic, the condensed version of ChatGPT is integrated under the Chat tab, available alongside actual conversations with friends.

For now, only Snapchat+ subscribers can chat with the My AI chatbot. This subscription gives customers access to exclusive features and early access to future functionality, among other things. This also includes the My AI option. It is not yet clear when all other Snapchat users will expect the chat functionality.

My AI, via Snapchat

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