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WABetaInfo has shared screenshots of the unofficially announced community feature of WhatsApp. This feature is similar to Facebook groups and gives administrators more options than standard WhatsApp group chats.

According to WABetaInfo Community admins are given the option to create groups within the virtual community or link existing group conversations to the community. The site mentions “area of ​​study” as an example of community and individual lessons as examples of group conversations that can be incorporated into it. Users can also be added to the community by clicking on a shared link.

Screenshots show that messages and phone calls are end-to-end encrypted. “No one, not even WhatsApp, can listen or read,” according to the information banner on the leaked screenshot. The community icons will be square with rounded corners rather than circular. It is not yet clear when and if the feature will actually be rolled out.

In September, it was announced that Twitter would do so too Working on similar communities feature for its platform. With this feature, Twitter wants to allow users to join groups where they can tweet about specific interests and topics.

WhatsApp screenshot

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