Singer Stromae is open about depression and suicidal thoughts

Singer Stromae is open about depression and suicidal thoughts

In a frank interview on the French TV channel TF1, Belgian singer Stromae spoke about his exhaustion and depression. He said he had suicidal thoughts and then sang the song he wrote about it live.

Stromae is the stage name of Paul van Havre, a famous artist of Belgian-Rwandan origin. He wrote many successful songs in French and achieved great success between 2010 and 2014 such as Papaoutai, awesome in a then we dance. Then he disappeared from view for a long time due to exhaustion.

a new album

On March 4, Stromae will release a new album for the first time in seven years, called multiplicity. On TF1, the singer talked about his new album and how music helped him when he was feeling very lonely. Then he sang his new song HellIt is a French word meaning “hell”.

“I’m not the only one to be completely lonely, and that makes it less in my head (…) but despite everything I feel completely lonely. Suddenly I have suicidal thoughts sometimes, I’m not proud of it. Sometimes we think that’s the only way to silence them, this Thoughts that send me through Hell,” he sings in his autobiographical song.

Watch this excerpt here:

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