Great news for cult fans arrives at ‘The Boondock Saints’

Great news for cult fans arrives at 'The Boondock Saints'

There has been talk since 2012 (also on FilmTotaal) about a possible third part in the series about Pondok priests. Clearly, we still need to continue to do so.

The first movie with Sean Patrick FlanneryAnd Norman Reedus employment Billy Connolly Like Watchmen Killing Criminals in the Name of God, it was launched in 1999, followed by a sequel in 2009.

Both written and directed Troy Daffy. Although not successful at the box office (on the contrary in reality), they gathered a huge following among fans, became a huge hit and called for more stories from the MacManus brothers getting stronger and stronger.

Now it’s finally been announced Saints Pondok III Production has officially entered and filming will begin in May 2022!

Plot, cast and crew
Duffy and Flannery (who write the script together) as well as the return of Reedus and Connolly. The plan is to flip the franchise into a global “John Wick-style” business franchise.

As for the story, the last movie left the heroes in prison, so we’ll see them getting older and at odds in a whole new world of his enemy… politicians, the kind of villain that society often faces today. to do.

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