February 4, 2023

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Sick Jean did a little better: 'Glad we had the worst' |  show

Sick Jean did a little better: ‘Glad we had the worst’ | show

He seems to be getting a little better with Farmer Jean, who is best known for his participation in A farmer looking for a wife† In April it was announced that the farmer had a muscle disease, but now he can move his arms again.

The farmer suffers from Guillain-Barré syndrome, a muscle disease that can develop suddenly and be accompanied by paralysis, tingling and nerve pain. His wife Ryan announced the news at the beginning of this year with a message in Facebook.

“Right now it’s very hectic on our farm and at home. Ride? Dear Jean has been in hospital since last Tuesday. He was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré. Fortunately we were there in time and Jean has already been treated with IgG for five days. They can’t do more in terms of treatment. The body has to resolve it on its own.” He tells Ryan that Jean is working on his recovery through physical therapy at the rehab center.

In a new Facebook update, Rianne says it’s been getting better since the beginning of May. She wrote, “These are small steps, but I’m seeing big progress. Where he could only count to nine with a breath of air before, he could count to 34 with a breath of air earlier this week!”

Jean has been taken to a rehabilitation center where he continues to work on his recovery. He now has more power in his arms and can move them again. “We are so glad we faced the worst, because it was so exciting at the end,” Ryan concludes.

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10/26/2021 Denmark, Løgstør, RANDERS: Farmer Jan and Ryan have moved from Farmer Wants Wife to Løgstør in Denmark. Photo: DPG / Dennis Jansen © DPG / Dennis Jansen