February 3, 2023

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Jada Borsato is aware of the magnifying glass because of the last name

Jada Borsato is aware of the magnifying glass because of the last name

“As a ‘daughter’ being put under a magnifying glass, I know it,” Jada says. However, it is not affected by this. “If I do not meet the demands of the people, so be it.”

Jada is used to all the media attention. After all, her parents were both well-known Dutch people before she was even born. “I grew up with it and wasn’t used to it any other way. My dad happens to be a singer and I can’t imagine how different it would be. It was my choice to get into the entertainment world as well,” he says. In this, Jada has always been free. According to her, Marco and Leonten would also support her if she wanted to be a pit shovel.

Jada has now appeared in good times bad timesBut that’s not where her dream ends. She really wants to play in an American movie someday. “I would play a crazy or weak person, eg an insecure girl who is being bullied. The characters I’ve played so far are often very confident or kind.”

Currently, Jada’s focus is on her acting, but she has noticed that she is missing vocals. Borsato’s offspring would like to release new songs, but he is in no hurry. “You can’t do everything at once.”

Marco Borsato’s career is currently on hold, following reports of sexually dissenting behavior against him. Also in the much discussed episode of Angry She told several underage girls that they were victims of Marco’s inappropriate behavior. As a result, the once very popular singer is boycotted. In the video below, Rob Goossens highlights this.

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