Show Ump hits Marlins-Mets when ump calls 3 consecutive kicks at the bowler in one round

Show Ump hits Marlins-Mets when ump calls 3 consecutive kicks at the bowler in one round

Miami Marlins jar Richard Blair He went seven seasons in his MLB career before he made his first save. The wait for his second and third impotence was a little shorter.

Match between Miami Marlins and New York Mets On Tuesday he suddenly turned into a referee show when first base referee John Tambani called up not one, not two, but three piles on Blair in one stroke during the eighth inning.

With the Marlins advancing 6-3, Bleier allowed a single for the Mets II Jeff McNeillAnd Batter brought Pete Alonso to bat level. Alonso is one of the last hitters you’ll want to face when you have to worry about something else, but that’s what happened when Tambani stepped in to rule that Blair didn’t come right before throwing his first throw.

Bleier questioned the first rejected call, but became visibly baffled when Tumpane hit him with the same call two pitches later. He discussed his case with Tumpane before teammate Lewin Díaz stepped in to end the confrontation, at which point Marlins manager Don Mattingly came up the hill for a quick conference.

The Balks are among the referee’s illegal calls for players and managers to debate, so ending the debate was probably the right move for Marlins.

Unfortunately, Tumpane wasn’t quite finished, another handicap was called on Bleier again because it wasn’t set correctly again, and McNeil scored from the start with no bases or stolen balls in play. Mattingly took the field again and was promptly sent off.

Bleier stayed put and finally finished the inning with a ground kick from Alonso, but was sent off after the inning ended. The accident cut the Marlins difference to two runs, although they held onto ninth for a 6-4 win.

for every ESPN Statistics and Information, Bleier’s three balks tied the MLB record for most one-half. The last time a baseball game had so many roles, Jim Gutt from Pittsburgh Pirates in 1988.

Bleier entered Tuesday with a career 3.05 ERA in 295.1 innings. He didn’t commit to a single tackle until Tuesday, but he’ll come out on Tuesday as the MLB leader on hold this season. Put this under “Things you don’t see in the ball park every day.”

The referee made his best hen impression (“Stop, stop, stop”) with Richard Blair of the Marlins. (Photo by Sarah Steer/Getty Images)

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