Intel introduces Unison app to connect Evo laptops with iOS and Android – Computer – News

Intel introduces Unison, an app that allows Intel Evo-certified Windows laptops to work with Android and iOS phones. The program allows users, among other things, to record phone conversations on their laptop and transfer files and photos.

Intel Unison allows users to connect an Android or iOS device to their laptop via WiFi or Bluetooth. Users can then use the linked laptop to make phone calls, among other things, without using the phone. Unison also allows users to receive text messages and phone notifications on their laptop. It’s also possible to transfer photos and files between your laptop and phone, the company reports.

Intel wrote that Unison will be rolled out to a “select number” of Intel Evo laptops with an Alder Lake processor later this year, including from Acer, HP and Lenovo. The company says the software will also arrive on Evo laptops equipped with a Raptor Lake CPU early next year. Intel doesn’t seem to have plans yet to bring the software to non-Evo laptops or PCs. Microsoft has a similar Your Phone app for Windows, although this app does not work with iOS devices.

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