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Harebrained Schemes announced the League of Two Lamps, a turn based A strategy game set in 1932. The player must search for the “source of all magic” with a team. The game will be released later this year on PC and Xbox Series consoles.

The game starts with three characters, but later users can expand it to eleven characters. Each mission allows players to select three of these characters to take on a mission. Heroes have already died in the world of The Lamplighters League, so the player considers criminals, villains, and traitors to be “heroes”.

The story centers around the Court of Banishment, a cult that has nearly taken over the world and is searching for the “source of all magic”. In The Lamplighters League, the player must stop the eviction court. Adventure and intrigue are two essential elements in this story. writes developer.

Developer Harebrained Schemes previously released the turn-based strategy games Shadowrun and Battletech. New to The Lamplighters League is real time LeakThe stage, where players can explore the game world, map enemies, and defeat some enemies in advance. Then the turn-based battle begins.

Harebrained Schemes was acquired by publisher Paradox Interactive in 2018. The publisher held an event on Monday, announcing Cities: Skylines II and DLC for Crusader Kings III, among others. The Lamplighters League will be playable on the Steam Deck, but the developer warns that this platform is not the company’s focus.

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