March 23, 2023

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'Severodonetsk is largely in the hands of Russia' • Zelensky: Sanctions package took too long

‘Severodonetsk is largely in the hands of Russia’ • Zelensky: Sanctions package took too long

Ukrainian President Zelensky believes that the implementation of the new European sanctions package, including an oil boycott, against Russia has taken too long. “If there are more than 50 days between the fifth and sixth sanctions package, then this is unacceptable for us,” he said at a press conference in Kyiv today. He has said that new sanctions are welcome.

Last night, the 27 member states of the European Union reached an agreement to ban the import of Russian oil brought into the European Union by sea. A number of countries, notably Hungary, had been holding back work for a long time and as a result the boycott was less comprehensive than many would have liked. A boycott of Russian oil shipments in tankers, which account for two-thirds of all EU imports, is due to come into effect by the end of this year. Russian oil flowing through the Druzhba pipeline to Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic will be excluded for the time being.

The sixth sanctions package also includes the closure of three Russian banks from the international payment system Swift and the boycott of three Russian transmission stations spreading falsehoods. In addition, several new Russians will be added to the European sanctions list, including the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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