Review: Sonos Ray. Speakers €299

Review: Sonos Ray.  Speakers €299

Sonos mini speakers

Sonos is the brand that has promoted multi-room audio systems. In recent years, the American manufacturer has introduced a large program of amplifiers to the market: from compact and portable models to larger subwoofers, subwoofers and soundbars. All these products can be combined with each other. In addition to launching products under its own brand, Sonos works with IKEA. In this well-known store you will also find speakers suitable for the Sonos system. It has a different design and can also be used as a shelf, plate or lamp. Sonos’ latest product is Ray, the speakers.

The cost of the Sonos Ray is 299 euros.

The Ray is a budget speaker by Sonos standards: the official price is 299 euros. This makes it significantly cheaper than the cheapest model to date, the Beam, which costs €499. Sonos’ top model is the Arc, which costs twice the beam.

The Sonos Family of Speakers: From Arc to Ray.

The new Ray will be available in two colors: white and black. The design is what we’re used to from Sonos: sleek. So the design is not endowed with wooden elements or eye-catching decoration. At the top of Ray you will find some buttons to pause the music or change the volume.

The buttons are at the top.

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