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Xbox CEO Phil Spencer said Microsoft plans to continue releasing Call of Duty games on Sony platforms after the proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The company plans to bring Call of Duty titles to PlayStation “as long as there is PlayStation to give it to.”

Spencer confirms: “We’re not ruling out Call of Duty from PlayStation. That’s not our intention.” In an interview with YouTube channel Same Brain. “As long as there is PlayStation to deliver, our goal is to continue to ship Call of Duty on PlayStation.” The Xbox CEO makes a comparison with Minecraft, which Microsoft has owned since 2014. “We’ve expanded, not narrowed, the places people can play Minecraft.”

The future of Call of Duty on the PlayStation platform has been under discussion for some time, since Microsoft announced that it was planning to acquire publisher Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion. Critics of the acquisition, including PlayStation maker Sony, argue that it would be unfair to PlayStation gamers for Call of Duty to become the first-party title for Xbox. Market regulators such as the UK Capital Markets Authority are currently examining this issue.

Microsoft has said in the past that it will continue to release Call of Duty for PlayStation consoles for the foreseeable future. I promised earlier that a franchise shooter Will stay on PlayStation “for at least several years”Including following Sony’s current agreement with Activision. However, Sony doesn’t think this goes far enough. PlayStation’s parent company has yet to comment on Spencer’s new comments.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision is currently under review worldwide by several market watchdogs. Spencer says in his interview with Same Brain that he is “very confident” of agreeing to the acquisition. If all goes according to plan, Microsoft expects the acquisition to expire in June 2023.

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