Severe weather causes cyclones in South American states

Severe weather causes cyclones in South American states

Downed trees after a tornado in Alabama in January 2023. Image: ANP/EPA/ERIK S. LESSER

In the United States, an area of ​​large-scale precipitation is active moving northeast across the country. This system produces severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, especially in the southern part.

In recent hours, several tornadoes have been spotted in the state of Texas and have caused significant damage. Tornadoes were also reported in other southern states such as Louisiana and Arkansas. No casualties have been reported, but hundreds of thousands of households remain without power.

A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for several states in the eastern part of the United States through Friday evening. Wind gusts of up to 140 kilometers per hour are possible. The states of Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky are particularly affected. There is also a chance of some gale force winds.

There is cold air to the north of the precipitation area, which can cause widespread heavy snowfall around the Great Lakes. Several tens of centimeters may fall. On weekends, the system moves further northeast, to New York. However, it is too soft for snow here, so precipitation there falls in the form of rain.

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