Setback for Trump: Investigation confirms defeat in Arizona | Abroad

Setback for Trump: Investigation confirms defeat in Arizona |  Abroad

Trump consistently asserted that fraud cost him votes in the election, but he could not prove his loss through fraud. In fact, Cyber ​​Ninjas research shows otherwise. Trump received 261 fewer votes than expected in Maricopa County. Biden has earned 99 more than US media reports.

narrow victory

This boycott is important because Democrat Biden narrowly won elections in Arizona, where more than 7 million people live. He received about 10,000 more votes than Republican Trump in that state. In Maricopa County, the difference was even greater. There, Biden ended up winning by 45,000 votes over his opponent.

The Arizona investigation was largely funded by Trump supporters and right-wing groups. They put about $6.7 million (5.7 million euros) on the table. The results of the research have now been presented in the Arizona Senate. “The truth is the truth and the numbers are the same,” said Republican Senate President Karen Fan.


Trump had already said in a written statement before the investigation report was published on Friday that the investigation showed “there is undeniable fraud.” Hundreds of supporters of the former president had gathered in the capital of Arizona to officially present the results of the search.

The question is whether the report will change Trump and his supporters. Although the outcome of the investigation hardly differs from the official election results, the researchers say they encountered potential violations. More than 10,000 voters may have voted in several districts.

Authorities in Maricopa County are alarmed by such allegations. In an official statement on Twitter, they complained that the Cyber ​​Ninjas handled the submitted data in a chaotic manner. The information could have been distorted to paint a picture of ‘something went wrong’.

There has been discussion for months about the credibility of the company that conducted the investigation. Cyber ​​Ninjas CEO Doug Logan has spread the unproven theory that Trump lost it in Arizona for tampering with voting machines, according to the New York Times.

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