Selfie Miss introduces “Damien’s little brother” to followers

Selfie Miss introduces "Damien's little brother" to followers

Full of love, Mays selfie poses on Instagram with her new family member, whom she adopted yesterday. “Yesterday I was ready to adopt a little brother of Damiant,” she wrote with an emoticon in the post. In the photo, a fluffy little dog — including a green bow around its neck — is lying in Sylvie’s arms. In the second photo, the blonde says she’s trying to “impress his mom.”

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Mother and son reunion

She seems really crazy about the little four legged friend. But she’s even more mad about her son, Damien. He lives in Denmark, so Miss can’t see him often. Fortunately for the presenter, there was another encounter between the mother and the zoo last monthn.

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dutch soccerteam

Sylvie Mays and Rafael van der Vaart can call themselves their proud parents. Son Damián (16) has a good chance of making it to the final selection for the Dutch U-17 national team. Sylvie said on her Instagram stories that she is very proud of her son. “I’m very proud of you!” Mays writes. Although mother and son see each other much less often, the relationship between them is still good. Damien lives in Denmark to focus on playing soccer. And it apparently worked, as the young footballer may soon be able to call himself Oranjeleeuw. Damian currently plays for Danish club Esbjerg fB.

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