Security guards and unarmed police guards of the Badhoevedorp hotel

Security guards and unarmed police guards of the Badhoevedorp hotel

Outside the police and the Marechaussee make sure no one enters the hotel who doesn’t have a business there and arrange that other guests can enter and leave the hotel undisturbed, a spokesperson for the Kenmerland Security District says.

danger to public health

“The security is there for a reason,” the spokesperson said when asked if action should actually be taken to keep travelers who have tested positive for the virus in their rooms. Travelers are initially required to adhere to isolation rules, only if they do not, a commitment is imposed.

The Kenmerland Security District has set up surveillance in consultation with the Public Prosecution Service (OM) and the GGD, which should indicate a public health risk.

The security district was unable to determine how many infected South African travelers were still at the hotel, but outgoing Minister Hugo de Jong (Public Health) said this afternoon that a ‘significant portion’ of the infected passengers were still staying at the hotel.

Going home under the circumstances

The security area says that security will also remain there as long as the guests are in isolation in the hotel. No one can go home and stay in isolation there unless there is a “protected move”.

A total of 624 passengers who arrived in Schiphol from South Africa on Friday were tested by GGD, and 61 of them tested positive. The omikron variant of the coronavirus has so far been found in 13 people, but the investigation has not been completed in all those who tested positive.

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