Italian farmer injured by wildfire | abroad

Italian farmer injured by wildfire |  abroad

Police in Italy managed to locate and arrest the man. Hit in Montesarcio, about 30 kilometers from Naples in the south of the country. His motives have not been released. Earlier, it became clear that more fires had broken out in southern Europe.

More than 400 people were evacuated this weekend due to a forest fire from the Italian resort of Campomarino Lido on the Adriatic Sea. Hotels and camps were also evacuated in the area.

A video clip released by the fire brigade shows how thick clouds of smoke spread through the streets of the resort and flames threaten a cafe. Pictures on social media showed fires surrounding the houses. The fire brigade tried to fight the fire from the air with a firefighting plane and a helicopter.

Wildfires raged throughout the week in southern Italy and on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Drought, high temperatures, and strong winds make fires easily ignited and difficult to put out. Albania, Greece and Turkey also suffer from fires. At least ten people have died so far: two in Greece and eight in Turkey. Dutch tourists, for example on the Turkish coast, had to quickly cut short their vacation.

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