Schulz takes over as Merkel today: who is he?

Schulz takes over as Merkel today: who is he?

Despite his great enthusiasm and ambitions, he did not immediately enter politics. He initially studied law and worked as an employment attorney for several years. At that time, shortly after the fall of the Wall, state-owned enterprises were privatized on a large scale in East Germany. Schulz advises job boards at these companies to make arrangements for employees who lose their jobs. Leave politics as it is. He later said, “During that time, I reconsidered many of my views” In an interview with Der Spiegel Say. “I detoxed myself.”

He returns to politics, but his views are more moderate, he becomes more pragmatic. He climbs into the party and becomes mayor of Hamburg, among other things. There he addresses the housing shortage and, through negotiation with himself, succeeds in restoring the broken building of the Elbphilharmonie, which has since become a tourist attraction. Then he became national minister of employment and then finance, and deputy chancellor under Angela Merkel.

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There are also drawbacks. As mayor of Hamburg, he has downplayed the protests around the G-20 summit in his city, which could spiral out of control as a result. While he was Secretary of the Treasury, he made many mistakes in settling the Wirecard scandal. His ministry was also recently researched into an investigation into errors in Handling money laundering cases.

He is also not always popular within his party. In 2019, he and another party member are vying for the presidency. The duo lose. Party members would find him, among other things, too technocratic, too pragmatic and even right-wing. Scholz has a nickname: “Scholzomat”. He is said to be a robot, does not make emotional speeches and shows little emotion. Die Zeit newspaper Politically announces his death.

But as with all setbacks, Schultz is out of it. It is said that one of his employees left a note in his office, Der Spiegel writes, which states: “Scholes’ First Law: We are never offended—we are never hysterical.” He manages to reconcile with the party and becomes “Candidate Kanzler”.

It was precisely this mastery, dullness, according to many Germans, that helped him win. Where his opponents fail, he remains calm. Scandals from his past do not stick to him, perhaps too complicated. There are enough Germans seeking stability, who have entrusted him with filling the void left by Merkel.

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