SBS6 discontinues talk show HLF8 due to disappointing viewing figures | modes

SBS6 discontinues talk show HLF8 due to disappointing viewing figures |  modes

talk show HLF8 On SBS6 it disappears from the TV. Due to “unfavorable results”, the curtain fell at the beginning of April after four seasons.

“Through a motivated team, we put an incredible amount of work ethic and energy into it HLF8 To succeed on the eve of SBS6,” says Marco Lovrens, Director of Television at Talpa.

“Despite the adjustments made to the format, the required and necessary progress has not been made, and we have to conclude that the program has not succeeded in attracting a sufficient number of viewers. HLF8 She was an important value in our (live) programs and provided beautiful and wonderful moments on several occasions. I’m so grateful to the editors, the presentation and the welcome back guests for that.”

HLF8 It was first seen on TV in the summer of 2021. Initially, the program was presented solely by Johnny de Mol and Helen Hendrix was the permanent replacement.

De Mol resigned from his duties on the talk show in April last year due to allegations of misconduct. Hendrix and Leonie Ter Brack then handled the presentation. Since the beginning of this year, Sam Huggins has been the main presenter. De Mol also returned for one evening a week.

SBS6 will broadcast a modified evening from 10 April. long term love And year of your life Get more space and fill the void in programming.

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