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Epic Games now allows independent developers to self-publish their games on the Epic Games Store. The company charges a lower commission than its main competitor, Steam. Epic also requires that these games have crossplay with any other PC platforms.

Steam has allowed creators to self-publish their games on that platform for many years. It asserts that Epic Games charges a 12 percent commission on games sold in his blog post. Steam usually asks for 30 percent. The Epics Committee exists alongside the register fees $100 is paid to accept the game. Epic Games does not allow a number of types of content, which can be found on Steam, for example. A good example of this is porn games. Epic Games does not need it on their platform. Other than that, the restrictions are pretty straightforward: illegal content, copyrighted content, scams, fake games, malware, and the like.

Epic also requires publishers to use the platform’s achievements system, but only if games on other platforms also have achievements. The Epic Store launched in 2018, but didn’t receive achievements until 2021. Epic also reports that age ratings for the Epic Store will be free.

Epic also shares stats in one big picture.

Meanwhile, Epic Games is sharing some Preparation On how things are going with his play store. In total, there were 230 million users on the platform at the end of last year, up 36 million from the end of 2021. The maximum number of daily active users was 34.4 million and for monthly active users it was 68 million. A year ago that was 62 million. In total, the store had 1,548 games at the end of last year and a total of 99 were given away for free, worth $2,240. The free games have been claimed nearly 700 million times in total.

Next year, Epic is announcing support for game subscriptions. The Fortnite maker itself does not mention examples of what services it could become. In addition, there must be interlocutor Come up with content about specific games, similar to Steam games.

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