Saudi-led coalition ramps up airstrikes and offensive in Yemen

Saudi-led coalition ramps up airstrikes and offensive in Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition in Yemen intensifies its bombing of the Houthi rebels. Officials told the Associated Press news agency that the government army has also captured a number of areas from Iran-backed fighters with the support of the air strikes.

The Houthis assert that the coalition launched air strikes on the governorates of Ma’rib, Sana’a, Tazi, Saada and Hodeidah in recent weeks. But the rebels do not say whether the government army has actually occupied areas in the important port of Hodeidah.

refugee flow

Conflict has erupted in the civil war-torn country once again in recent weeks. The warring parties harass each other with missiles, drone attacks, and explosions. As a result, new refugee flows began. According to the UN’s International Organization for Migration, the influx into reception camps in Marib has multiplied tenfold since September.

Houthi rebels have been trying to capture the oil-rich city in the province of the same name for months. The coalition now claims that dozens of rebels were killed there in cooperation with government forces.

Rebel training camps have also been bombed in the past week, according to the coalition. Moreover, ballistic missile storage depots, which the Houthis target Saudi Arabia, were destroyed in the airstrikes.

Very exceptionally, reporter Daisy Mohr was able to enter Yemen with photographer Pablo Torres in November. There she saw the scale of the humanitarian catastrophe in the country:

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