Sarah Van Solen on relationship with Andre: ‘Getting a break’

Sarah Van Solen on relationship with Andre: 'Getting a break'

Unfortunately, several parts of the conversation were deleted. However, we do get a good picture of the relationship status of the much-discussed showbiz couple.

The juice account asks Sarah, ‘You say you never interact with him. Is that true?’ Sarah replied: “A little, but it means nothing, does it?” And I quickly made it clear in the chat that there was a possibility that things would be fine between her and Andrei. ‘Nothing is over (…) but there is already a break for both of us. One of the things that needs to be addressed and that requires rest.

Sarah also doesn’t have a good word for Monique Westenberg, Andre’s ex-girlfriend with whom he has a son.

Sarah first sends a picture of Monique with her son via chat. I will break. I wore this for my birthday two weeks ago,” she wrote, referring to the piece of clothing that Monique is wearing. “I don’t copy her haha. She is about 20 years old. According to her, Monique is adjusting her wardrobe, because Andre goes with Sarah.” Dre is dating a younger guy and she’s suddenly wearing floral dresses in the closet.” She continues, “I never look at her, but I hear her sometimes, and it makes me laugh.”

When asked if Sarah would ever be friends with Monique, she replied, “Haha if I had to act normal with her for the baby’s sake, I would definitely. Outside of that: No. So we can say there wouldn’t be a breeze between the two of them.”

Rob Goossens earlier spoke of Sarah in our office. According to the entertainment expert, for example, “more and more strange stories are circulating about Sarah.” You can see it in the video below.

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