Chamber wants to discuss support quickly after a press conference | the interior

Chamber wants to discuss support quickly after a press conference |  the interior

The House of Representatives on Wednesday afternoon spoke about the support package formed by the Cabinet after announcing the current measures, such as early closures of shops and restaurants and restrictions on events. But with a new press conference and accompanying proceedings approaching, the debate seemed outdated before it even began.

“I’m sitting here and I’m feeling a little uncomfortable,” says VVD MP Aartsen. “Everything we do here tonight, we’ll vote on it on Tuesday, after which new measures have already been announced.” So the House decided to share its own input, but not to continue talking with the Cabinet until next week until it can address the current situation.

Don’t deceive each other

Many MPs already assume that tougher and longer measures will be taken. “I don’t think we should deceive each other, it would not be less measures,” says MP SP Van Kent. CDA member Amhausch also thinks this is “very real”. CU Grinwis criticized Corona’s previous intervention in passing: “There was only a slight touch against Corona. That hard blow from Rutte and De Jonge should be much harder.”

In anticipation of new measures, the House of Representatives has already drawn up a wish list. In any case, the coalition parties want tax deferrals for entrepreneurs again. Because they “need the money now, not next week,” said Representative D66 De Jong.

Wage support must also be reintroduced, via the NOW scheme, retroactively. And as far as the VVD member, Artsen, is concerned, the government will not wait until next Friday’s press conference: “I hope now it has already begun.”

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