Fortnite Chapter 2 ends December 4th with the big ‘The End’ event – Games – News

The second chapter of the free Battle Royale Fortnite game ends on December 4. The main in-game event of The End will take place on that date. Developer Epic Games describes the event as a “climax event” after which “nothing will be the same”.

the end It starts on December 4 at 10pm Dutch time, although players can register half an hour early to take part in the event. This happened one time. Therefore, The End cannot be played again after its completion. It is not known how long the end will last.

During the event, teams of 16 players will face the Queen of Cubes in a “final battle for the fate of the island”. Epic Games is showing a trailer for it, but it does share some details about the Fortnite Chapter 2 final.

Once the event starts, it won’t be possible to adjust the game’s settings, Epic Games reports. Users cannot replay From The End, so users who want to capture the experience are advised to record the gameplay through other methods. Players who participate in The End will receive a special loading screen and a profile.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Pigeon over 2 years agoAfter the first chapter ends with an in-game event. The game will end after this event Been offline for a few hoursBecause the entire game world has disappeared into a black hole. Epic Games may do something similar after The End, as a prequel to Chapter 3. The developer isn’t sharing any details about that yet, but the game may once again get a new one. a map.

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