San Francisco 49ers’ Trey Lance recovers from slow start to pre-season 2 game, leads 2 TD in last 3 series

San Francisco 49ers' Trey Lance recovers from slow start to pre-season 2 game, leads 2 TD in last 3 series

San Francisco 49ers Rising Midfielder Tree LanceHis second pre-season game went pretty much like his first…in the opposite direction.

Lance got off to a fast start in last week’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs, hitting 80 yards. Trent Sherfield On his second pass attempt before completing only one of his last seven attempts. But on Sunday night against the Los Angeles Chargers at SoFi Stadium, it took Lance longer to find rhythm.

After his first three series, the Lance’s passing rating was 0.0, going 1 out of 5 for 9 yards with an interception thrown very aggressively and slightly raised wide Mohamed Sano. He also took a sack, as those trips ended with flight, interception, and another header.

Lance takes the blame for blaming Sanu and his teammate hard Debo Samuel In the car before the interception, but he said those mistakes helped him settle.

“I was definitely frustrated, but at the same time, I learned so much from each of those engines that it was easy to turn the page,” Lance said. “I think I was as confident from that moment as I was throughout the match.”

From there, Lance began to roll, sparked by another deep connection to Sherfield, this time for 41 yards. Lance completed seven of his next eight attempts for 93 yards and two touchdowns in his last three series before calling it a night.

The 49ers went on to win 15-10.

“I understand whatever Trey is doing, the eyes will be on him,” said 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan. “I don’t want him to be under that pressure, but that’s also the reality of this business. …I thought he came out a lot more closed, more comfortable. I thought we had a chance to start really fast and we didn’t and then it started to pile up a little bit as it looked like it was going in the wrong direction That’s why I was so excited to get this two minute workout at the end… I was really happy with the way it finished.”

Lance, whose first drive came behind the starting offensive line (without the left intervention Trent Williams and the center Alex Mac), settled into his fourth series, and took over the job 57 seconds before the game at San Francisco 25. He hit Lance Sano for 5 yards 12 seconds before halftime and fired a long shot. Travis Benjamin For a 16-yard score on his sixth and final drive.

Lance finished 8 of 14 for 102 yards and two touchdowns with an interception for a passer rating of 89.9. He was sacked twice out of 30 shots before making way for a third-series quarterback Nate Sudfeld.

“I think, for me, especially in the situation I’m in, learning as much as I can and being able to go back and watch the tape tonight and tomorrow with the coaching staff and the moderators in the room, I think that’s where I’m bigger and where I win the most,” Lance said.

It was the initial quarterback plan for the Niners Jimmy Garoppolo To play a series, have Lance play two series, then reintroduce Garoppolo into the game.

But Garoppolo’s first drive was long enough that Shanahan chose to end Garoppolo night after a third pass down into the Chargers’ area sailed a little high and out of the receiver’s hands. Brandon Ayuk To intercept Cornerback chargers Ashanti Samuel Jr..

Garoppolo finished 3 of 6 for 15 yards with a passer-rated interception of 16.7.

Through two games pre-season and most of the training camp, the 49ers quarterback’s status has remained mostly the same, but Lance worked with the starting attack for a full eight-game streak in cross-training with the Chargers on Friday and then earned a streak with the first-team unit Sunday night.

When asked after the match if he saw anything that would change the way he viewed Garoppolo’s initial plan as a starter and Lance as a backup, Shanahan objected.

“No, I haven’t seen that,” Shanahan said. “I would like it to be more and more every week, but I think the situation is very similar right now.”

Moments later, Shanahan also dismissed the opportunity to name Garoppolo the start of the first week, stating that he would likely wait until the earliest opening date of September 12 against the Detroit Lions.

“No, I’m not making that ad,” Shanahan said. “Not tonight.”

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