Football fans: ‘Hugo, shut up’ – Israeli study: Pfizer’s third strike gives more protection

Football fans: 'Hugo, shut up' - Israeli study: Pfizer's third strike gives more protection

It appears that Israelis who received a third dose of the Corona vaccine from the Pfizer vaccine are much better protected from infection and serious diseases than people who received two injections, according to research conducted by vaccination experts on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

In people over the age of sixty, protection was significantly higher at ten days after the third dose than after two doses. Israel began giving the third vaccination to people over 60 years of age on July 30. This age group is particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus and therefore was the first to be vaccinated when the vaccination campaign began. The third dose is given only to people who received the second injection at least five months ago.

In many parts of the world, there is talk of a so-called booster vaccination. British research shows that the Pfizer vaccine works less against the Delta type of coronavirus than previously thought. Therefore, it may be desirable to receive a third blow from Corona in the winter, say more and more experts. The Dutch Health Council will issue an advisory report next month.

The World Health Organization previously advised against the third vaccination in rich countries, as long as there is still a shortage of vaccines around the world.

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