Samsung promises an update that will prevent ‘apps from slowing down’

Samsung promises an update that will prevent 'apps from slowing down'

Samsung users in South Korea have files Twitter and community site Publish a list of applications whose performance is degraded. This is done by the Samsung Game Optimizing Service (GOS) app. It is pre-installed on phones in order to “optimize” the chips. According to Samsung, this is necessary to “avoid overheating when playing a game for a long time”.

But the delay doesn’t just apply to games. The list also includes notable apps like Instagram, TikTok, Netflix, and Microsoft Office. Moreover, there are also apps from Samsung that delay via GOS, including Samsung Pay, Samsung Cloud, Secure Folder, and Samsung Pass.

Remarkably, benchmark applications such as 3DMark, Antutu, Geekbench, and PCMark are not on the list. YouTuber Nemonankkum proved it by changing 3DMark’s name to the name of a game in the list. After the name change, 3DMark showed significantly lower performance. The test was performed on a file Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung says in reaction Work on a software update, after which users can choose whether to prioritize the performance of gaming applications. The company still claims that CIS only affects games. It is not yet known when the update will be released.

I’m not the only one

still so far unknown On devices where apps are slow or not. For example, Android Authority did not find the app on the S22 Plus, while 9to5Google did we will Act. What is known is that the application cannot be disabled.

Samsung isn’t the first smartphone maker to slow down apps with its own software. OnePlus also made the news last year after that pale Almost all popular apps run slower than they should. OnePlus isn’t limited to Benchmark apps then, in order to get higher in the comparisons. oneplus Be aware then This should ensure a longer battery life. Restrictions will also prevent overheating.

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