Edicilia Rumble crying while I can see your voice

Edicilia Rumble crying while I can see your voice

Beware: This article contains spoilers about the latest episode of I can see your voice

episode of I can see your voice It is divided into several parts. For example, after the first round of elimination, candidates have to report to the platform one by one for lip syncing. During this tour they play a song, while you may or may not hear their voice in the background. One of the posts was “Miss ICSYV”.

Fred thinks Miss is “incredibly good at lip-syncing”, but at the moment she doesn’t think she can sing. Edsilia would really love if Miss ICSYV could sing. “That would be absolutely correct,” she says. “That’s why I don’t think it’s true,” she concludes. Danny also doesn’t think the contestant can sing and cast another pun: “We’ll be led by ‘Miss.’ Danny has a theory that: ‘She’s perfect in every way. You are beautiful, to be honest. You are something to get past, but that’s exactly why she can’t sing.”

Committee member and guest singer Nelson also shares the same opinion. “She’s a beauty queen for a reason,” he says. “She can only lift herself on stage very well.” Mariki Elsenga and a fan of Nelson think differently and think Miss ICSYV can sing.

During the lipsync tour, Miss ICSYV was voted on and – while revealing her voice – she managed to blow the entire plate with her gold earring. Edisila is visibly emotional and wipes her eyes during the performance. Miss ICSYV, whose real name is Eleanor, received a lot of praise from the panel in addition to a warm welcome. “Very nice,” says Fred. Eleanor also tells that she is the real Miss Holland. “First runner-up” explains. Nelson was impressed and replied, “Leave something for the rest, too.” He continues, “I thought: This can never be true.”

Emotional Edsilia also wants to say something about Eleanor’s performance: “You have a beautiful voice. It’s really cool.” magic† Not only are you beautiful, but you also have a very beautiful voice.”

Danny, who was sure that Miss ICSYV couldn’t sing, recalls his words. “Picture perfect, perfect,” praises 25-year-old Eleanor.

Like a real Miss, she concludes her performance with a “Miss Closing Speech”: “Ladies and gentlemen, perfection does not exist. You just have to delete the perfect picture. Be yourself, stay with yourself and go ahead

I can see your voice It can be seen every Friday at 8 pm. on RTL 4. Or watch the episode (in advance) on Videoland.

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