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Samsung is fixing basic camera issues on the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra. Users have complained about blurring around objects in photos taken with these devices. Basically close-ups will become blurry as a result.

On the Company blog Samsung confirms the existence of the file Blur around things When shooting a close-up shot with the main camera. According to Samsung, the larger aperture helps when taking photos in the dark, but at the same time results in selective focus on the background. This can cause images to appear a bit blurry in certain areas.

The issue is said to be less common with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, where the camera automatically switches to the wide-angle camera when taking a close-up photo. Focus Enhancer is also activated to prevent blurring. In high resolution mode, these features are not enabled, so the background of the close-up may still suffer from blur.

Samsung promises to fix the issues in a future software update. It is not yet known when the update will appear. Before that, the company recommends that you move a little away from the object when taking a photo. There will also be no blur or less if the user holds the device vertically rather than horizontally.

Samsung Galaxy S23. Photo: Samsung
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