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Samsung and LG Display have temporarily halted negotiations on the supply of cheaper OLED panels. Samsung had been planning to buy OLED panels for TVs from rival LG, but the two companies were again unable to come to an agreement.

Our new client [Samsung Electronics] He wanted to use our OLED panels. Although some progress has been made [in de onderhandelingen]“The operation is currently on hold,” LG Display CFO Kim Sung-hyun said recently. earnings call. He did not rule out the resumption of negotiations at a later date.

according to Sourced from Korea Bizwire The two South Korean tech giants will not be able to reach an agreement on the price of the panels. This is not the first time that those involved have mentioned this Disagreement over prices It is a stumbling block. Anyway, information is released regularly about Possible historic deal between the two companies.

The long-awaited deal between Samsung and LG could shake up the TV market. As the world’s largest TV producer, Samsung will likely tap a large new target group with cheaper OLED TVs. Currently, the manufacturer has only a few TVs that rely on organic diodes in their range and uses a lot of them QD OLED technology. In practice, these TVs are still quite expensive.

Samsung launched its first qd-oled TV in early 2022, S95B

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