Samantha Stenwick blames the media for the relationship rumors

Samantha Stenwick blames the media for the relationship rumors

Samantha on Valentine’s Day, among other things, posts the following text on her Instagram account: `I’ve been through this before. Tired of guessing. I am not angry anymore. I now choose myself. It causes many people to furrow their eyebrows, because it’s the on and off between Samantha and her wife, Daisy? that’s not the point. It’s the lyrics of a new single, it turns out days later.

Great publicity stunt, because many media are picking up the text from their Instagram post. Not surprising, because Samantha and Daisy often had a relationship crisis after Daisy cheated. Juice queen Yvonne Coldfire is surprised by this promotion. “Juice only criticized and even sued, but you want to use juice about your relationship to promote your singleness.”

Samantha thinks it’s weird that the media is picking up on her texts. “I didn’t expect it to turn out like this. I really thought people would think I wouldn’t say it like this if there were problems at home,” she says, laughing. coffee time. “It’s the time we live in when people have a negative viewpoint very quickly. Conclusions are drawn very quickly.”

The fact that Samantha’s new single is getting so much attention is, of course, very nice for the singer. “It’s impressive. Of course, you’re free to promote on your social media channels. That’s what they do. Everyone does it their own way. We thought: Let’s put a piece of new script on it and see what comes up.”

Samantha thinks it was her fault that the media and juice channels fell for her publicity stunt, a huge bump. “They came to conclusions very early on and then had to pick through the dust, like: We weren’t doing well. There’s also a media that didn’t. They thought a little more than that.”

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Since Samantha’s song is yet to be released, she can cover “Hazes” at the end of the interview. Watch the interview promoting her new single from minute 4.54 below.

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