Sailors top rays in the series finale

Sailors top rays in the series finale
Sailors top rays in the series finale

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12:56 a.m. UTC

SEATTLE – There was a lot of sunshine and a lot of whacking, and for the Mariners on Sunday afternoon, there was a lot of excitement as well.

Seattle came back from five runs, broke the tie with a hit-by-pitch off Jose Caballero in the seventh, then held on for a 7-6 win that secured a series victory over a Tampa Bay team that has the AL’s best record even with back-to-back losses.

The last 24 hours represented a remarkable turnaround for the Mariners after a players-only meeting on Friday was immediately followed by one of the most severe losses they have suffered in a season that has seen many of them. Sunday was also the latest Mariners episode offering glimpses of a reverse course from hovering around . 500 almost all year. But it will not bear weight until the thread wins together for a long time.

However, for this stretch leading up to the All-Star break—against Tampa Bay, San Francisco, and Houston, all teams occupy the playoff spots—it’s a step in the right direction. They went into the break last year on a 14-game winning streak that, in many ways, helped propel them into the postseason.

“I spoke to our guys earlier today; we’ve had teams that stumbled into the break and we’ve had teams like last year’s team that just took off in the break,” said Scott Service, head coach.

What stood out on Sunday wasn’t that the offense broke out against a World Series contender. It happened after he fell into a huge, premature pit.

“I’ve seen a lot of young Steady Eddy, to be honest with you,” said catcher Tom Murphy, who reached base in all four plate appearances and smashed his second homer of the series. “It’s not the first time this season that this has happened. … I think the best thing you can do in this situation is to stay at the level. I think that’s something we really did today, and it showed in the end that it pays off.”

The formula was patience and perseverance, both for the Seattle bats and for Luis Castillo, who despite having the extra stuff, got caught in the five-inning hole.

La Piedra, dubbed the club’s only All-Star on Sunday, handed home singles to Randy Arzarena and Isaac Paredes, both in pitchers, then was the victim of an aggressive approach from Tampa Bay in the third, when they swung 22 of his 28 batters. , battling and got four points.

But the Mariners responded immediately with four runs of their own. Julio Rodriguez and T France grabbed back-to-back doubles, and then France reached third base after a nasty hit with Paredes, who was trying to field a Teuscar Hernandez groundout but instead had to ground out. Jared Kilinick followed it up with an RBI double to opposite field and Mike Ford ripped a single to make it a one-run game.

Meanwhile, Castillo retired 11 of his last 12 batters after giving up his final home run.

“I don’t do it often, but sometimes just go put your arm around the player and say, ‘Hey, check yourself out. You’ll have a chance of winning the game,'” Servis said. “And here he is standing on the plate with the pedestals loaded.”

The season is only one game past the midpoint. But at 40-42, with six teams ahead of them in the AL Wild Card standings and with a chance to build confidence this week against the Giants (46-37) and Astros (46-38), there’s a platform for the Mariner who leaned on the letters from Friday’s meeting and came out in The second half is an upward swing.

“We have to count on each other a lot,” said France, “but I think this group knows what we are capable of.” “We’re a really good baseball team. We haven’t been consistent this year.”

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