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At the beginning of April, we were very proud to announce that the Tweakers Developers Summit 2023 will take place on the 12th of September at DeFabrique in Utrecht. If you already know that you want to be present at this special event, you can immediately Order early bird tickets. Be quick, because the “Early Bird” ticket offer is limited.

Traditions are there to be honored. That’s why we’re so happy to have the names of Jim Stolz and Dylan Beatty on the show. With Jim Stolze as returning host, developers in various disciplines can look forward to a wide variety of tracks and speakers. Behind the scenes, we are currently working hard to put together an amazing program for you. Many of the speakers have already been completed; We will introduce it to you in the near future. can’t wait? Check out the program here. One of the keynote speakers—and icon for the Developer Summit—is an old acquaintance: Dylan Petty.

Unconventional view of technology

The friendly Beattie is a consultant and software developer, speaking at conferences around the world. He has been building data-driven web applications since the 1990s. Beattie has managed teams, teaching workshops and building everything from small standalone websites to complex distributed systems. He is also the creator of the Rockstar programming language. In addition, he plays parodies of classic rock songs with a program as the theme with his band Dylan Beattie and the Linebreakers. His new talk is titled “The Analog Evolution, the Digital Revolution: Turning Points in Technology.”

According to Beatty, technology develops in two ways: first gradually and then suddenly. “Innovation is a slow process; it involves hundreds of small improvements over decades. This continues until a tipping point is suddenly reached and something that seemed impossible suddenly turns into reality. The year 2023 will see exciting developments in machine learning and language learning paradigms, giving rise to all kinds of Questions about ownership, ethics, and the future of software development.However, this is not new, we have seen such development before.” Beatty is known for his unconventional take on how technology is changing the world and what we can learn from history to navigate the next digital revolution.

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“Artificial intelligence is not smart at all”

Betty is far from panicking about “advanced artificial intelligence taking over our world.” “The biggest misconception about AI at the moment is that it is actually intelligent. Because is that really the case? Although AI can deliver impressive performance, it currently relies mainly on patterns and predictions based on large data sets. It is important Emphasizing that AI models don’t actually understand what they’re doing, but rather generate potential outcomes based on patterns in the training data.” “The biggest misconception about artificial intelligence (AI) is that it is really smart right now.”

“There are many scenarios regarding the future of artificial intelligence,” Petit continues. “One such scenario states that it will ultimately be impossible to build a system that displays the same thought patterns and intelligence as biological brains. The human brain, which uses roughly the same amount of energy as a 20-watt light bulb, has a complexity beyond the reach of AI systems. It must Somewhat reassuring people,” Betty grinned.

Another view is that we can build systems that can solve problems and perform analytical behavior at the level of the biological brain, albeit in a different way. This means that humans could develop systems that use artificial neurons and then perform the same kind of reasoning, pattern recognition, and language analysis as human intelligence. This would make it possible to achieve human intelligence using artificial devices.

Petit replies: “What we know at the moment, for example ChatGPT, has not yet reached this level of intelligence.” Instead, they are predictive models trained on massive amounts of textual data. They are able to predict possible next steps based on the language context they have learned. The models are based on statistical patterns and use a degree of randomness, so they don’t always generate the same output from the same inputs.”

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Training AI models is not limited to natural language alone. There are also renderers trained in musical compositions, which allows them to generate new songs that sound similar to the style of some artists. This is done by feeding models existing music and then having them produce new chords based on what they have learned. Is this beautiful? Betty, the musician herself: “Well, I don’t know. I haven’t heard an AI song that really affected me. I still prefer to hear from someone who actually enjoys making music.” “Artificial intelligence is a technologically advanced and impressive beast, but it currently lacks the depth and understanding of human intelligence.”

“Artificial intelligence is a technologically advanced and impressive ‘beast’, but it currently lacks the depth and understanding that characterizes human intelligence. The impact of artificial intelligence now mainly comes from the many small changes it brings to various aspects of our lives. For example, I am not afraid of scenes. Similar to Skynet, but I am concerned that there may be hundreds of thousands of truck drivers who may not have a job in the future if algorithms are able to drive cars autonomously.” All of these issues – and more – are discussed in Beattie’s keynote speech that’s packed with humor, fun facts, and expert insights. Who knows, he might surprise us with an AI-generated guitar solo…

Get €100 off Early Bird tickets

Ticket sales for this event full of development and technology have now begun. For Early Bird tickets you pay €199 (plus €1.99 service costs), while regular tickets cost €299. If the business owner pays for tickets, then of course an invoice will be included for management. Personal data is not shared with partners.

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What can visitors expect?

As you’re used to, there are different tracks on the programme, full of slickers with something for everyone. The devops, backend, ai, front end, security and privacy, and smart home tracks include many practical talks and demos. Of course there is room to talk to each other, learn from each other and work together. Experts, peers and community members gather here. In addition to gathering knowledge and ideas and immersing yourself in the latest development trends, there is space for a snack and a drink. There is also plenty of space for socializing with like-minded people and critical thinkers.

Language and partners at Developer Summit 2023

The working language of Developers Summit 2023 is Dutch, although of course English speakers will be presenting in English. It is also important to note that this edition of the Developer Summit is made possible in part by loyal and new partners playing a role during the event. These partners will be announced in the near future.

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