“Russian civilians killed in Ukrainian bombing” • Russia does not block Ukrainian supply routes leading to Pashmut

"Russian civilians killed in Ukrainian bombing" • Russia does not block Ukrainian supply routes leading to Pashmut

More attention should be paid to what foreign private investors can do for Ukraine. “We have to realize that there is capital out there, that big people are out there,” said Minister Sigrid Kaag (Finance). “Ukraine is looking for foreign private investors who can help the country’s early recovery in uninhabited regions.”

D66 Minister said this after a meeting of EU finance ministers in Stockholm. In the presence of their Ukrainian counterpart, Sergei Marchenko, they discussed the reconstruction of the country devastated by the Russian invasion.

Billions are needed, for example, to repair transport and energy infrastructure destroyed by the Russians, homes and buildings destroyed by bombs, or to clear mines. International financial support is not enough.

“Ukraine needs a lot of private money,” said European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis. Therefore, it is important to make the country more attractive as an investment destination. We are working on ways to enable EU companies to support Ukraine’s reconstruction with export credits and investment insurance.

The Ministers reiterated their pledge that the EU will continue to support Ukraine at any cost. Whatever it takes, Kaag says. (AP)

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