Russia will conduct military exercises with nuclear equipment in the coming days

Russia will conduct military exercises with nuclear equipment in the coming days

The Russian military announced a major exercise this weekend. This is taking place amid great tensions with the West. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, President Putin will closely monitor the exercises from a special room of the Ministry of Defense. Intercontinental ballistic missile and cruise missile launch exercise.

According to the ministry, the exercises have already been planned for some time. According to the Russians, the intention is to check the readiness of the army and the reliability of (nuclear) weapons. The Kremlin says these exercises will not lead to further escalation of tensions with the West. According to the Russians, it is a routine training.

The announcement of the exercises comes after US President Biden warned yesterday that the Russians could invade Ukraine within days. It is said that there are about 150,000 Russian soldiers along the border with Ukraine.

last night become known US Secretary of State Blinken will meet with his Russian counterpart Lavrov next week to discuss the crisis in Ukraine. However, the Americans make it a condition that Russia does not invade Ukraine in the meantime.

Probably longer in Belarus

One area of ​​tension in the crisis is the presence of the Russian military in Belarus. They are there for a military exercise that was due to end on Sunday, but Belarusian President Lukashenko says he is still in talks with Putin about the possibility of a longer stay in the country. Putin is visiting Moscow today.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the Russians will leave Belarus after the exercises. Since the start of military exercises on February 10, Western leaders have been concerned about the Russian presence in Belarus. Both Minsk and Moscow said that the Russian army – according to NATO the largest deployment in Belarus since the end of the Cold War – will leave when the exercises are over. “The armed forces will remain as long as necessary,” Lukashenko now says. What this means is not clear.

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