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Microsoft will soon bring the Xbox HDR Calibration Tool to a beta version of Windows. The company will also give users the option to enhance DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 games played in windowed mode.

The Xbox HDR Calibration Tool should be there According to Microsoft Ensure that content on unsupported HDR screens is best viewed. According to the company, the tool should prevent Snapshot Occurs in dark or bright areas of the HDR image, resulting in a loss of detail. The tool should also help display better color reproduction in games.

Microsoft uses three test patterns for this. The first mode should help the player determine how dark the image can appear on the screen before details are lost. In the second mode, the player uses the tool to analyze how bright the image is before any details are lost. The latter pattern is used to effectively determine how high the screen brightness should be.

Windows Insider Dev Channel members will soon see a new reference to the tool in the HDR settings of the Settings app in Windows. According to Microsoft, this reference is a file vice Because the tool will be available in the Microsoft Store at a later time, although it is not yet clear when exactly.

Optimized for games in window mode

Microsoft is also adding an optimization option to the Settings app for games played in windowed mode. DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 games running in framed mode or frameless mode will be less response time Experienced, Auto HDR enabled or able to maintain a variable refresh rate. Enjoy full-screen games, as well as DirectX12 games According to Microsoft All these improvements.

The Optimize for Games option will be found in Window Mode in the Settings app, in Graphics settings from version 22545. Users who are having issues with optimizations can also choose to disable them entirely or on a game-by-game basis.

Optimization option for games in window mode

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