US warnings are not (yet) correct, how is that possible?

US warnings are not (yet) correct, how is that possible?

Every day Washington seems to be coming up with a new claim. For example, the Russians want to launch a bogus attack that could be a reason to invade Ukraine. There will be more soldiers at the border than previously calculated. Biden also cites the date for the invasion (February 16, the day before yesterday), which would have passed without intrusion on the day in question.

In the eyes of reporter Eric Mauden, it is a conscious PR strategy. “The United States is now releasing information that it has been hiding in the past from the security services because it has not yet been confirmed,” he said.

America wants initiative

“Biden and his team want to appear ready and hard to stand against Putin. The Russians have a reputation for distorting public debate, including misinformation. Now Washington wants to take the initiative.” An American cookie made from Russian flour.

We ask reporter Eva Hardok what Russia thinks about this. “The West really seems to have the initiative, but you can still see both parties talking mainly to each other.”

“The United States is warning of a war that is unfair to Russia, but the Russians want to talk about the historical injustice that they believe was done mainly with NATO’s expansion,” Hardock said.

“The Kremlin thinks it’s time to stop expanding to the east, so when Biden says, ‘You are threatening Ukraine,’ Putin says, ‘But you have been threatening us for decades. Since NATO was established and expanded.

‘Russia will stand alone’

Back to Eric Mouton about why Biden is getting more space in the international arena. “He believes Washington can allow Putin to sing a song. And Biden’s firm words confirm that the West will unite in opposition to Putin’s plans. Through his dominant role in the debate, Biden will get NATO member states. It will leave Russia alone.”

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Eva Hardok responds: “According to Moscow, the West is actually forming a mob against Russia, but the fact that the West appears to be forming a kind of alliance of friends does not mean that Russia has no friends.” Take China, for example. Says Hardock. “Putin recently attended the opening ceremony of the Winter Games in Brazil. This week, President Bolzano also visited Putin.”

‘Blame for the West’

According to Americans, last Wednesday will be a big day. But the raid did not happen. “For Russia, a ‘never-before-seen attack’ is a great embarrassment to the West and the ultimate proof that the information provided by the Americans is incorrect,” Hardock said.

According to the Americans, it is not certain, but they did not reveal what it was based on. You may be wondering if it is in Washington’s interest. Maudan calls this the ‘first stage of the war: the information war’.

“The president is increasing his daily rhetoric and trying to prevent Putin from attacking Ukraine,” Mouthan said.

Biden thinks about polls

But Biden is also watching opinion polls in his home country. “The president is very unpopular, people are angry about price rises and inflation. Then a foreign distraction will sometimes work well. Then you see the president leaning a little bit more on the matter, so the American media is talking about him. Hard language, about failed attempts to control price rises. Not at all. “

Finally, Ukraine is an important country. Reporter Jeroen Ackermans is now in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. They do not seem to have been inspired by the American warnings there. “Normal life continues and stores are open,” Ackermans said. “People are used to something. The war in the east of Ukraine has been going on for eight years.”

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Have a spark

No panic, but there are worries. “The Ukrainians are listening to Biden, but he has not shown any evidence,” Ackermans said. “On the other hand, the Russians have done nothing to reassure Ukraine by withdrawing troops from the border.

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