Rumor: The release of PS5 and Xbox Series Apex Legends versions is imminent – Games – News

According to PlayStationSize and MauroNL, the battleleroyale-fps Apex Legends versions of the next generation consoles are almost ready for release. These will provide higher resolutions, frame rates, and graphics quality.

PlayStationSize Rules pronunciationUnsurprisingly, take a look at the PSN database, where it can be seen that there is a separate download of Apex Legends available for PS5, with a size of 80 GB. This will be slightly different from the current Apex Legends download on PS4, which can also be played on PS5 through backwards compatibility. The big difference is that this version still runs at 60fps.

He. She message The Xbox Series X and S version of the game comes from game industry analyst MauroNL. However, he does not cite any sources for this, so it should be taken into account. It is reported that these versions will be released “very soon”.

Meanwhile, Respawn Entertainment is working on through progress For Apex Legends. The studio hasn’t given a timeline for that yet, but sometime this year allowed for Players expect it. This means that they are making progress in terms of Opens Within the game, for example, from PlayStation to Xbox. Apex Legends is also available for Windows, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

Announcing the current season (11) of the match

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