Kyle Shanahan thinks Nick Bossa should have been the first pro

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On the surface, making or not making an All-Pro team doesn’t mean much, unless of course there are big incentives associated with hiring. On a deeper level, scorn can provide motivation, for example, for any player who will play playoffs in the days after the All-Pro team is declared.

49ers defensive end Nick Bossa Very well he might draw some motivation on Sunday against the Cowboys due to his removal from the All-Pro team.

“I definitely think Bossa should be there,” 49-player coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters on Friday. “There’s no doubt about it, I don’t think people appreciate how good Bossa is, playing and playing. I’ve heard people talking about him as Player of the Year and every time they say I can’t believe he wasn’t mentioned in Defensive Player of the Year. So that was a surprise to me.”

Bossa He received five All-Pro . votes, which placed him in fifth place among all the intrusive contestants.

After a year missing most of the season after being torn in the AFC Champions League in the second week, Bossa finished the season with 15.5 sacks, to finish fourth in the league. He had 32 midfield hits, good for a third in the league.

It’s hard to make a stronger argument for Bossa as a defensive player during the year TJ Watt, which tied the record for one season of 22.5 in just 15 games. But Bossa is already one of football’s best pass-emigrants, and Shanahan’s praise will come in handy this season, as Bossa likely seeks a second contract similar if not better than the $27 million a year his brother Joey earned from the Chargers.

Immediately, Bosa could prove voters wrong – and set himself up for a big payday – by wreaking havoc on Sunday’s Cowboys’ offensive line.

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