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I’m in this sector also called OT or Operational Technology rather than IT.
There isn’t a single industry launcher that offers OT software that can’t be updated to newer versions that work perfectly on the latest Windows, like Siemens, Yokogawa, Schneider, and nothing.

The problem is that the production manager has gotten used to buying a machine without questioning maintenance or hearing about the concept of end-of-life. Concepts such as total cost of ownership or life cycle are unknown to them, and the question is what it would cost to purchase a sawing machine and how much to produce that sawing machine.

The intermediate resource takes advantage of this, because in this case it supplies the publishing machine with a control system, but without any support, where the logic (eg source code) is password-protected by industry standards. It is even quite possible that the client does not even have the administrator password for the Windows device. If the customer comes and asks to give Windows an update or any kind of support, the customer will of course receive a ridiculously high price.

Since you can’t handle the logic, it’s impossible for a third party to export and import it in a newer version. There is also often no functional description of how the control works, so you only have one option, reverse engineering the entire device (or installation), which requires massive resources and therefore costs a lot of money, more than quoting the ridiculously high price of the original resource.

Then I assume the original resource is still there and still has the same passwords, which is also disappointing. Then they try to keep WinXP or even Windows 98 running while looking for pieces on Ebay because where else would you register DDR1 ramlat?

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