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In the successor to the current Z Fold4 smartphone, Samsung will prevent the foldable bezel in the foldable screen by having the screen take on the shape of a waterdrop when folded. Other foldable smartphones have had this technology for quite some time.

Folding Edge: Z Flip4 (below) and Razr 2022

With technology, the screen does not fold narrowly when folded, but is convex in the hinge. This prevents the edge of the fold from remaining visible when unfolded. This technology has been in Motorola razr phones for years and foldable models from other brands already use it, but Samsung has been stuck with the narrow fold so far. That will change with the next model, Naver writes.

Samsung has been patenting for years a technology for a foldable screen with the shape of a water drop when folded, but so far all Fold and Flip models from the manufacturer have a tightly folded screen. As a result, Samsung models have a more pronounced foldable edge than other brands’ foldable smartphones.

It is not known if only the Z Fold5 will have this technology or if the Z Flip5 will also use the waterdrop-shaped fold; The article says nothing about that. Naver is a well-known South Korean site that has been right about Samsung rumors before.

2016 Samsung water drop shape patent for foldable smartphones. Source: Naver

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