Kraantje Pappie will present Amstel Friends LIVE | Music

Kraantje Pappie will present Amstel Friends LIVE |  Music
Kraantje Pappie is splitting up on Monday Instagram He will attend the concert series next year Amstel Friends Live will submit. The 36-year-old artist, who has been a part of the shows for years, is taking over the presentation from Nick Schilder and Simon Keizer.

Kraantje Pappie reflects the fact that half shows Amstel Friends Live on him. “We’re halfway there! Ten more shows left. What a ride again. Every day thousands of people put on a show like this with friends from the scene.”

Alex van der Zwen, as the hip-hop artist is really called, also has some good news. As if all of this wasn’t cool enough, I can finally tell you that starting next year I will also start as a new host/presenter. Amstel Friends Live!

Schilder told her earlier this month that Nick and Simon were unlikely to be seen as a musical duo at next year’s event. AP. “We’re stopping as a musical duo, so you won’t see us singing as a duo anymore. But I think you’ll see us both at the event.”

Organizer Machell Hoffman says the estrangement between the duo is no reason to quit as presenters. The event sponsors are always changed every few years.

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