Rumor: Amazon wants to acquire Electronic Arts – Gaming – News

Rumor: Amazon wants to acquire Electronic Arts - Gaming - News

According to USA Today sources, Amazon announced Friday that it has made an official bid for game publisher Electronic Arts. Rumors of EA wanting to take over have been circulating for some time.

USA Today sourcing report Amazon announced Friday, August 26, that it has made an offer to the gaming giant. The takeover doesn’t look final yet. This isn’t illogical either; EA is a publicly traded company, so such big decisions about the fate of such a company do not happen without at least the agreement of the major shareholders.

There have been reports for some time that EA is looking for an acquisition. American journalist Dylan Byers of Back wrote earlier this year that EA tried to sell itself For the American media company NBCUniversal. It almost succeeded, but the negotiations were said to have stalled due to disagreements over “price and structure”. Byers wrote at the time that EA was also in talks with Apple, Disney and Amazon. If these reports are correct, the negotiations with the latter party have made further progress.

Acquisitions are a trend in the gaming industry. at recent days For example, Microsoft acquired Bethesda and still Busy buying Activision. Sony buys Bungie The Embracer Group owns nearly all of the Western franchises and studios Obtained from Square Enix. These acquisitions include millions, if not billions of euros.

Amazon has been trying to penetrate the gaming sector for some time. The company previously founded Amazon Game Studios and works there on titles such as MMO New World, which was released last year. The company is also working on its own cloud streaming service, Luna. With EA, the company will get its hands on a major player in the gaming industry in one fell swoop. Popular online games and franchises include Battlefield, Apex Legends, Dead Space, Mass Effect, The Sims, FIFA, Star Wars Jedi, Dragon Age, and Mirror’s Edge.

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