February 7, 2023

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RTL will host an evening talk show seven days a week in the fall |  show

RTL will host an evening talk show seven days a week in the fall | show

RTL 4 will expand the talk show’s evening programming this fall to seven times per week. Now the talk show is still shown on the tube on six evenings: on weekdays and on Sundays. Saturday is coming soon. This means that Renze Klamer, who is new to the trade channel, will make his debut from July 4.

Clamer joins Eva Genk, Bo van Ervin Dorens and Humberto Tan. There will be another change next Monday. Then Beau van Erven Dorens gave way to Humberto Tan. The latter, in turn, will hand the baton to Renzi Clammer on Monday, July 4th. Their talk shows can only be watched on business days in June and July on RTL 4. The first four weeks of August there is no talk show in the evenings.

That month, RTL 4 will begin on the 27th day of programming for the evening talk show each evening. For the first two months, Humberto Tan will be in charge of presenting on Saturday and Sunday evenings, and at the beginning of November, Renzi Clammer will be sitting at the talk show table over the weekend. Starting Monday, August 29, the new Jinek talk show season will begin on RTL 4 every weekday at 10 PM.

‘The news is still there’

“The step to also include the seventh day, the Sabbath, is a very logical step, because current events never stop,” says Peter van der Vorst, Director of Content at RTL. “We are also in constant dialogue with the makers about the further development of the talk shows. Weekend shows, for example, will have their own feel and look from the new studio, with a greater focus on music and entertainment, although of course a talk will be held today. “.

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Ewart van der Horst, Producer of PilotStudio: , RTL already has three excellent broadcasters at home in the late evening and with the arrival of Renze, this team will become even wider. The editors are looking forward to new adventures and look forward to working with Renze in July. Because there is a lot of competition and something is expected of us. Fortunately, RTL allows us to go on vacation in August to make new plans for the weekend and fall.”

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