Royal butler: ‘It is very likely that Harry and Meghan will temporarily return to the UK’ | Displays

Royal butler: 'It is very likely that Harry and Meghan will temporarily return to the UK' |  Displays

Will Prince Harry and his wife Megan return to the UK soon? According to Grant Harold, the former royal butler, this is a very real possibility. “They need that base back home,” he says.

Now that King Charles has evicted Harry and Meghan from Frogmore Cottage, they no longer have a place to stay in the UK. Many took this as a sign that the Sussexes would never return to Harry’s homeland, but according to their former valet, Grant Harold (45), nothing could be further from the truth, he says. New York Post. There is a good chance that Harry will eventually buy his estate in the UK. So I would never say “never” in this regard. It’s still his home, and he and Meghan could use a base of operations there.”

“I suspect Harry will buy something so he can come and go on his own more often. Meghan has no family in London, so she is likely to stay in the US. But Harry does have nephews and nieces, with whom they are still in touch. It is not from It is unlikely that he will travel occasionally to the United Kingdom to see them. Moreover, he will always be in contact with Britain, and does not want to completely abandon this connection. A house in the United Kingdom also opens the door to reconciliation with his family.”

“I think Harry and Meghan are happy in the States,” Harold concludes. I don’t know if they will come back permanently. I’m sorry they left, because I thought they were an asset to the monarchy. They appealed to the younger generation.”

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Recently, Harry and his wife, Meghan, claimed that they were involved in an attack Serious hunt In New York, where they are stopped by the paparazzi. This was immediately reminiscent of the death of his mother, Diana, which gave the incident significant attention in the international media. But later, the driver of their car, as well as the mayor of New York and the local police, testified that there was no high-speed chase at all. According to them, the couple was scared simply because they were “not used to New York traffic.” There was no danger.

Critics whispered that the Sussexes were quick enough to make an “exaggerated” statement about the stalking because Harry could use the event as evidence in court to show he needed police protection. According to him, the lack of police protection is the main reason for not returning to the UK at the moment. He is still in court action with the local government trying to restore his police protection.

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